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» Ukrainian journalists suspect Crown Agents of corruption

Ukrainian journalists suspect Crown Agents of corruption

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Open letter to Ulyana Suprun and people's deputies on the schemes of corruption in the tender for the procurement of endoprostheses in 2018.

Dear Mrs. Ulyana, dear deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the Committee on Health Protection!

In the previous article, journalists from the Criminal Review raised the topic of gross violations of the tender conditions of the MOH "Centralized procurement of endoprostheses and implantation kits" in 2018 in terms of the formation of the expected price of prostheses.

See: Corruption in the results of tenders of the Ministry of Health of 2018 will leave motionless thousands of Ukrainians who are in need of artificial joints 

In particular, there was found artificial and not explained overestimation of the expected price for certain groups of prostheses - 2.5-3 times, despite the fact that the prices of well-known manufacturers for the past two years did not change.

It means that much less endoprostheses will be procured than is possible, while there is the huge need of local disabled people in artificial joints. The journalists have noted that the disclosed facts are contrary to the policy of Ulyana Suprun on combating the corruption in the Ministry of Health, which in recent years really succeeded in influencing the tender mafia and making tenders transparent and open.

This information has caused wide resonance in domestic media: Tender mafia have returned to the MOH - what will Ulyana Suprun say? 

Ulyana Suprun was asked why the Ministry of Health purchased endoprostheses that are three times more expensive, than the market price 

In the continuation of the theme of the tender for the procurement of endoprostheses for state funds "Centralized procurement of endoprostheses and implantation kits", which is initiated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the tender procedure is conducted by the international organization Crown Agents, information on the winners of the bid procurement was available, in the offer of which we have seen a number of inadmissible violations.

In particular, the winner of the lots - cemented hip joints: total endoprostheses, cemented hip joints: single-pole endoprosthesis with double spherical rotation, total cementless hip joints- became plant MERETE. Immediately the question arises about the official representatives of the plant in Ukraine, because in accordance with the specification, medical products must comply with the technical regulations, which is confirmed by a certified copy of the declaration and certificate of conformity. Also, in the tender it is stated that the proposed product should be successfully applied in medical institutions of Ukraine during the last three years.

The products of the MERETE plant were really registered in Ukraine and the number of the certificate of conformity was UA.TR. 101-103-2017. Now it is cancelled. After detailed examination of this certificate, significant violations are seen - there is no indication of a security class, which may indicate that there is no outgoing audit for production, or even more serious violations of the law.

According to this document, the authorized representative of the plant in Ukraine is LLC "Galytskiy Fond OD". According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, LLC "Galytskiy Fond OD" has the canceled registration of the VAT payer on July 31, 2018, which indicates a complete blocking of the activity of the LLC. Also, according to the tax data from the second half of 2017 to the present day, LLC "Galytskiy Fond OD" does not carry out any economic activity, which may indicate a complete cessation of the organization's activities. Again, in accordance with the technical terms of the tender procurement, only official importer has the right to deliver the products to Ukraine. Judging by the facts, LLC"Galytskiy Fond OD" is not such, or it violates the norms of legislation of Ukraine. In particular, the said company carried out the supply of products consisting of 12 nomenclatures from abroad to Ukraine in the last 2 years, but there are no products of the MERETE manufacturer. It means that MERETE products were not legally used on the territory of Ukraine from the date of its registration (date of registration - 24.02.2017), which indicates that there is no experience of using the product.

Accordingly, the question arises as to how a non-operating company canceled as a VAT payer and having unlawful certificates can fully ensure the delivery of quality medical products to hospitals in Ukraine?

Because of the above facts, there is a great deal of doubt that  patients will receive certified products from a manufacturer that does not harm them. Not to mention a series of violations of legislation and tender conditions.

In particular, as you can see, in the tender offer the manufacturer offers an endoprosthesis stem made of VIVIUM material (stainless steel), the official website of the manufacturer also has information that they make the stems of stainless steel. But in the procurement specifications it is clearly stated that the material of the stems should be cobalt - chrome - molybdenum alloy.

Because only this material provides the required quality and durability of the prosthesis! This testifies to the complete non-conformity of the offered products with the requirements of tender purchases.

In addition, personality of the director of LLC "Galytsky Fund OD", which simultaneously holds the position of head of 6 organizations , is questionable. But this is the case for the relevant authorities.

The main task of this material is to convey to the medical society, the leadership of the Ministry of Health, specialized institutions, controlling bodies, inadmissibility of the facts raised and to induce an immediate reaction! Because not only the budget resources that can go on doubtful deals, but also the health of thousands of people, ordinary Ukrainians, who cherish hopes for improvement of their state, are at risk.

We hope that the law-enforcement anti-corruption structures will quickly find out who exactly covers such arbitrariness in using budget funds and endangers Ukrainian citizens. It will also be important to understand whether the schemes and abuses described are the result of domestic corrupt corruptors, or have international corrupt schemes started to operate under the auspices of Crown Agents, an international organization that has conducted exemplary transparent tenders in 2016-2017 years?

, Мы призываем уважаемую Ульяну Супрун дать быструю и обоснованную оценку результатов и принятия срочных решений о восстановлении законности в работе Министерства здравоохранения и предотвращения таких ситуаций. И мы просим народных депутатов от Комитета Верховной Рады по здравоохранению проверить, что эта тема не заблокирована на тормозах, а также МЗ в последние годы в борьбе с коррупционными схемами не были напрасными.

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